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Wipe out sweeper game

Inspired by the hit TV show Total wipeout our new 6 player sweeper arm game is sure to bring out the competitive side in everyone. Whether its hired for a competition, fun day event, team building event or just for fun everybody will want to avoid the sweeper arms to be the last man standing.

The Wipeout game has two spinning sweeper arms set at two heights, one low and one high, the contestants have to jump and duck to avoid being knocked over by the sweeping arms, if you get knocked over you’re out the game. As the contestants get knocked out of the competition the speed can be adjusted to spin the sweeper arms quicker to increase the difficulty level until you get to the last man standing.

The Wipeout game is great fun on its own but even better as part of a package. If you’re using the Wipeout as part of a competition you may want to look at our Assault course hire, Gladiator duel or even our Human table football game. If your hiring the Wipeout game as part of a Funday package the Rodeo bull and surf simulator are also a good addition but the choice is yours.

Important information about hiring a wipeout sweeper game. Our Wipeout Sweeper game is specifically built for the sole purpose of being a sweeper game. Many companies are offering sweeper games for hire which are in fact a Rodeo bull motion base with a home made attachment on and a different inflatable bed. The problem with this is its highly unlikely the machine would be covered under their public liability insurance because more often than not the modification does not have manufacturers approval. Because our wipeout sweeper game is a specifically purpose built machine it also incorporates safety features such as a clutch mechanism within the spinning shaft which will help cushion the impact when it hits the contestants, this is a feature you will not find on a rodeo bull motion base.

There is a minimum user height of 1.2mtrs on this game.

Our Wipeout game is easily transported and with a little assistance can be fitted through a standard door way which means we can get it in more venues than some similar Sweeper games available to hire. To power the Wipeout game we will need access to one standard 13amp socket direct from the mains electric. The mains power point must be no further than 30mtrs lead length from the machine.

We need a relatively flat area at least 25ft diameter to set up the Wipeout game and unfortunately due to its size there is no shower cover available for the sweeper game.

The Wipeout game is available to hire on its own or as part of a package throughout Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, Worcester, Banbury, Oxford, Dudley, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

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Price: £375

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Status:PassedTesting Body:Manufacturer
Last Tested:28 Jan 22Expires:27 Jan 23
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