Rodeo bull hire safety

When you hire a Rodeo bull there is an obvious risk of injury from falling awkward or striking the machine when its in motion, unfortunately this type of risk cant be removed all together although an experienced operator will be able to minimise the risk by the way they operate the ride. Generally the operators public liability insurance and the manufacturer of the Rodeo bull will stipulate certain operating parameters which the operator should adhere to, these parameters will stipulate some things which are pretty obvious and some not so obvious. The normal rodeo bull ride restrictions would be things like the removal of glasses and sharp objects, a minimum rider height, and only one person on the ride at a time. The not so obvious things would be the need for the rodeo bull to have a current safety certificate, not a PAT test certificate but a full ride safety certificate, this should be renewed annually and in most cases will be done by the manufacturer of the rodeo bull but can also be done by an ADIPS approved inspector. Which ever method of testing the operator uses it will be documented. GS Engineering who manufactured our rodeo bulls and surf simulators are now tagging their rides when carrying out annual safety inspections. These tags carry a serial number which ties up with the test report.

Another risk which is becoming more common is the use of home made ride attachment's put onto Rodeo bull motion bases which will not be covered by the operators insurance in the event of an accident. If your hiring the likes of a wipeout or sweeper game you need to ensure it is either a dedicated machine or a manufacturer approved and insured attachment. We are also seeing operators using surf board attachments on Rodeo bull motion bases, in some situations this is fine but in most cases the operator is putting the user in danger. Because the standing height of a surf board on a Rodeo bull base is much higher than the height of the same board on a surf machine base, a greater inflated impact area for the user to fall on is needed. A standard rodeo bull impact bed is approximately 14-15ft diameter and if a surf board is used on a rodeo bull base and impact bed of at least 20ft diameter is needed. So if your hiring a surf machine or snowboard simulator you want to know it's either a dedicated surf machine or the operator is providing an impact bed at least 20ft diameter.

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