terms and conditions of hire

Terms and conditions of hire.


All bookings will be taken by phone or email, once all details are taken the customer will have entered a contract, verbal or written and will be tied to our terms and conditions. In most cases a none refundable deposit will be requested to secure the hire of equipment, in most cases this will be payable within 2 working days of invoice being issued. If deposits are not paid within the specified time scale Jump’in Jacks reserve the right to cancel the booking.


We can accept payments by the following methods: BACS transfer, cash, Cheques will only be accepted from Schools and local Authorities unless paid at least 7 days before the event.

Late payments

Where balance payments are not made within the time scale specified on the invoice a late payment penalty charge equal to 20% of the outstanding balance will be added to the invoice and will be payable by the client.

Cancellations due to Covid 19

Our normal cancellation policy and charges will apply unless the cancellation is due to a government implemented restriction preventing the event from taking place. People within an organization deciding they don’t want to proceed after a booking has been made is just that, and is not a government restriction.

Changing event dates will be at our discretion and if granted will be restricted to one change of date only.

Cancellation policy

All deposits paid are none refundable, if you need to cancel a booking for any reason other than bad weather the following terms will apply :

More than 28 days notice given – loss of deposit only

14 – 28 days notice given – a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total hire fee will be due.

Under 14 days notice given – the full charge of the hire fee will be due, if paid within 7 days of the cancellation date this will be reduced to 75% of the order value.

Bad weather cancellations

If you wish to cancel due to bad weather, the customer must notify Jump’in Jacks by 12 noon the day before the event at the latest or, full payment will be due.

NOTE in the situation that a customer has not paid a deposit, the charges referred to in our cancellation policy will still apply, and the minimum cancelation fee required under any circumstances will be equal to 20% of the hire fee.

Cancellations must be made in writing / or by email, we suggest you request a read receipt or signature by registered post.

Cancellation charges will be perused through legal channels if need be.

Before the event

The customer must ensure we have good clear access to the area where the equipment is to be set up, and also ensure there is a suitable fixed power supply within 25mtrs lead length of the set up area (unless other arrangements have been made)

In the rare event that circumstances beyond our control, e.g. road closures and traffic problems delay or stop us from fulfilling our contracted obligations, our liabilities shall be limited to, a refund of monies paid in relation to the contracted event. Or, a pro rata reduction (excluding any delivery charge) in the event of a late start.

No other compensation will be paid, irrespective of any loss of earnings.

On arrival

We will arrive on site, allowing enough time to set up our equipment before the start time of the hire. Any time restrictions for loading / unloading, vehicle movements or waiting times must be highlighted at the time of booking, as they may have an effect on the cost of the hire.

Any delays caused by the customer not being ready for our arrival will be the customer’s responsibility, and under these circumstances there will be no compensation for the equipment not being setup on time.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the set up area and access to it is suitable for the items ordered. Nearly all, if not all items have access and set up area requirements clearly displayed on the website, if in doubt ask. In the event our staff arrive to find the access or set up area does not meet our requirements the hire will be terminated and the customer will be liable for the full cost of the hire.


For supervised hires, onsite parking must be provided and any parking fees shall be the customer’s responsibility.

During the event

If we are supplying equipment on a supply only basis, i.e. the customer is supplying there own supervision. The supervisors will be briefed in basic operating procedures for the equipment. In the event of our equipment being damaged or stolen while in the customers care, the customer will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment.

If we are supplying supervisors / operators for the equipment, our staff will conduct themselves in a courteous manner and will expect to be treated in the same manner.

The supervisors have the right to refuse use of the equipment if they feel it is unsafe for the user or if they think individuals are going to be a hazard to other users, or if the individual appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Security at events is the responsibility of the organiser not our staff and our staff will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour.

In extreme cases we reserve the right to terminate the job if we feel our staff are being subjected to abuse or threatening behaviour. In this situation the customer will be liable for the cost of the hire in its entirety.

If any clarification is required concerning our terms and conditions, we should be contacted direct on

Tel 0121 559 2445

Mob 07787 961908