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If your looking for Rodeo Bull hire in Kidderminster you cant go wrong hiring a Rodeo bull from Jump 'in Jacks. We've been specialising in Rodeo bull hires and simulator hires since 2005 and have probably the best maintained Rodeo bulls, Surf machines and Wipeout Sweeper games for hire in Kidderminster and the West Midlands. When you use us for Rodeo bull hire in Kidderminster you will have the peace of mind knowing your dealing with a long standing company with a proven track record that hires Rodeo bulls that have full safety certification and carry the appropriate public liability insurance. We take the safety of the users of our Rodeo bulls seriously and are we happy to answer any questions you may have about Rodeo bull hire.

Rodeo bulls are great entertainment at all sorts of events and we've provided Rodeo bulls for weddings, birthday party's, barn dances and promotional events and they always draw a crowd. Our Rodeo bulls have built in competition timers so if your guests are a bit competitive its easy to run a timed competition to add to the fun.

If the weather isn't in your favour don't worry, all of our Rodeo bulls are supplied with inflatable shower covers if needed at no extra cost.

Kidderminster inflatable games and rodeo ride rentals

To get the Rodeo bull to the set up area we will need a minimum access width of 36 inches (3ft) and the set up are needs to be a flat space measuring about 20x20ft. If the shower cover is needed for the Rodeo bull we need an area of about 23x23ft. To power the bull ride we need a 13amp plug socket direct to the mains supply no further than 30 meters lead length from the ride, and if the shelter is needed we will need a 2nd mains socket.

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Kidderminster rodeo bull hire