About Jump'in Jacks Bouncy Castle Hire

Jump'in Jacks bouncy castle hire and repair service has been providing bouncy castle, rodeo bull and other inflatable fun since 1998. Our comprehensive inflatable hire range includes something for all ages. Several of our amusements are unique and are only available through us.

Although you may see some of our unique equipment advertised on other sites, they are owned by Jump'in Jacks bouncy castle hire service and ultimately only Jump'in Jacks bouncy castle hire service can guarantee your booking for these items.

All of the items displayed on this site are owned by Jump'in Jacks. We do not advertise anybody else's equipment as our own (unlike many of our competitors!).

Over the years Jump'in Jacks has evolved as a business, but we still maintain the same core values that we strived to acheive when we started out. We believe our customers deserve the right to top quality service, top quality fulley maintained equipment, at a realistic price. We believe our prices to be realistic, and are competitive when compared to genuine like for like quotes from other companies. Customers should always ask why a quote is considerably lower than other quotes recieved. Although they may appear to be supplying like for like there is normaly an underlying reason for the difference, such as inadequate insurance eg - companies running upto 12 rodeo bulls and only declaring 2 to there insurance. Companies not declaring there existance to the inland revenue, using labour who are recieving unemployment benifits, the list is endless.

We maintain all of our inflatables at our own facilities based in Birmingham, we are qualified inspectors of inflatables and are registered with the R.P.I.I. (Register of Play Inspectors International). We carryout safety inspections and repairs to inflatables for local authorities and bouncy castle hire companies from all over the country.

Due to the demmands of many local authorities most of our hire fleet is now covered by £5,000,000 public liability insurance, details of which we can provide once bookings are made.

Over the years our bouncy castles, rodeo bulls, surf machines and various other inflatables have been hired by all sorts of people, associations and companies, such as:

  • Nacro
  • Williams F1 Team offices
  • Local Authorities
  • The Sports Cafe Birmingham
  • Carlsberg UK
  • Iscar Tools
  • Warwickshire Cricket ground
  • Argos
  • Geo post UK
  • Bangor University
  • Many, many more

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